The basic contract

  1.Without the authorization of the website, the draft of customized design, sample drawings and test procedures shall not be disclosed.

  2.Non-commercial products are not allowed to spread or share without authorization, only for self-use.

  3.Decompiling and secondary development of the delivered products shall not be allowed.

  4.In the process of customization, after finalizing the draft, only the details can be improved and modified, rather than substantial adjustment and overturning of the plan.

  5.The "customization products" does not include source programs.


Reference price

Watch Faces:

Business 200 USD,Personal 50 USD

Data Fields:

Business 200 USD,Personal 50 USD


Business 500 USD,Personal 75 USD


Business 700 USD,Personal 100 USD

Note: the development requirements of the device must support Garmin Connect IQ, the final price is subject to negotiation.


Working process

Finalized design:Customers put forward the design concept or design drawing, we make the sample according to the demand; The client determines whether the current design meets the requirements or gives modification Suggestions according to the sample drawing; Before the final draft, you can unconditionally modify and improve the design effect drawing until you are satisfied with the final draft.

Pay a deposit:After finalizing the draft, the client shall pay no less than 50% of the development price of the project as a deposit.

Development cycle:According to the complexity of the design, write and debug the program within 3~15 working days, and provide the test program to the employer

Product delivery:After satisfactory and full payment, the official version of the product will be delivered.


Method of payment

  • Support Paypal


After-sales service

Within 15 days from the date of delivery, if you find any procedural problems, please contact us in time。

Modify, adjust and optimize the delivered products from the delivery date to 15 days later: USD 10 / time.


For ideas, please contact us.

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